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Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration

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Endorsements and Permits

Endorsements and permits provide extra permissions that a licensee can request to be added to their alcohol license.

Each type of endorsement and permit is subject to specific regulations and conditions. A person may request one or more endorsement or permit as part of their initial alcohol license application or as a substantial change to an existing alcohol license.

Available endorsements and permits include:

  1. Sidewalk Café Endorsement | Allows alcohol to be served in outdoor public space such as the sidewalk outside an establishment. 
  2. Summer Garden Endorsement | Allows alcohol to be served in outdoor private space such as a courtyard or rooftop.
  3. Entertainment Endorsement | Allows establishments to offer live entertainment such as a musician, band, drag show, trivia, karaoke, or poetry reading; charge cover fees; and dancing.
  4. Manufacturer On-Site Sales and Consumption | Allows Manufacturers to use a portion of their licensed premises for the on-site sale, service, and consumption of alcohol.
  5. Games of Skill Endorsement | Allows establishments to install and operate electronic game of skill devices to the premises.
  6. Sports Wagering Endorsement | Allows establishments to install and operate sports wagering devices or kiosks to the premises.
  7. Off-Site Storage | Allows invoices and records of alcoholic beverage purchases to be stored in a location off the licensed premises. (Licensee)
  8. Alcohol Carry-Out and Delivery | Allows on-premises retailers to sell beer, wine, and spirits for carry-out and delivery with prepared food
  9. Extended Holiday Hours Endorsement | Allows establishments to sell and serve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. and operate 24 hours a day.
  10. Pub Endorsement | Allows an establishment to manufacture beer, wine, or spirits on or adjacent to its licensed premises for off-premises consumption.
  11. Tasting Permit | Allows manufacturers, on and off premises retailers, wholesalers, and private collectors to provide customers with a tasting of products on a portion of the licensed premises or licensed storage facility.
  12. Streatery Endorsement | Allows select licensees to sell and serve alcohol on new and expanded ground floor or street level outdoor public or private space not listed on its existing alcohol license.