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Books and Records Training for Hotels and Restaurants

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ABC-licensed hotels and restaurants are required to submit quarterly statements detailing the previous period’s gross sales receipts for food and alcohol and total expenses for the purchase of food and alcohol.

This training will introduce participants to the relevant laws and regulations, books and records guidelines, and how to successfully complete and submit quarterly statements. This training will also provide insights into the audit process and penalties for non-compliance, and give participants the opportunity to get answers to specific questions.

Training sessions are offered quarterly in advance of statement filing deadlines which are as follow:

  • April 30 | January–March (Q1)
  • July 30 | April–June (Q2)
  • October 30 | July–September (Q3)
  • January 30 | October–December (Q4)

All sessions are virtual and offered at no cost. Advance registration is required for all trainings.

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