Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration

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Georgetown ABC License Moratorium Zone

A moratorium on the issuance of certain retailer’s alcoholic beverage licenses is currently in effect in the Georgetown historic district until February 3, 2016. The Georgetown Moratorium Zone extends approximately 1,800 feet in all directions from the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and N Street, NW.

Several restrictions apply within the Georgetown Moratorium Zone, including:

  • No new retailer's license class C or D may be issued to a tavern or nightclub.
  • No retailer's license class C may be issued to a multipurpose facility.
  • No more than 68 retailer’s licenses class C or D may be issued to restaurants.
  • No more than 1 retailer’s license class D is permitted to be issued to a multipurpose facility.
  • A license holder outside of the Georgetown Moratorium Zone is not permitted to transfer a license to a location within the zone.

Establishments exempt from the moratorium, include:

  • All hotels; and
  • Those in or to be located in Georgetown Park, Georgetown Park II, Prospect Place Mall, Georgetown Court and Washington Harbor.

More details on the Georgetown Moratorium Zone may be reviewed in DC Municipal Regulations Title 23 Section 305, as found in the ABC Laws and Regulations. Special restrictions for the Georgetown historic district are available in DC Official Code Title 25 Section 339.

A downloadable version of the Georgetown Moratorium Zone map is also available.

Georgetown Moratorium Zone